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Hold Harmless Agreement

Hold Harmless Agreement Template


If you are availing of services provided to you by someone then a Hold Harmless Agreement will be able to let both the parties curb their contractual liability. You can also make your own agreement so that you can  get these terms in writing in order.

What is Hold Harmless?

The Hold Harmless Agreement is a sort of an agreement which is available in a template form. It is a contract between parties with the help of which one party can protect another party from any future losses. This sort of an agreement is more common in construction projects. A professionally designed hold harmless agreement sample will be able to assist the contractor in insuring potential risks from the subcontractor.

Make the proper utilization of the Hold Harmless Agreement provided that:

  • You are availing of services by a person or company from liability if a third party is harmed and you wish to be protected.
  • You are letting someone else use your property and you want to be protected against liabilities and damages that have been caused by the other party.

Tenure of the Hold Harmless Agreement:

It is from state-to-state that the Hold Harmless Agreement varies. There will be states that will not encourage  those sorts of  agreements that are extremely very specific about the language that has been used to protect from liability. On the other hand there will be states that have anti-indemnity laws that prohibit this sort of an agreement in many of the construction scenarios.
It can be that you are need of consulting an attorney who can advise you to help actuate the enforceability of this agreement.

What should it contain?

To create a hold harmless letter, you will have to take into consideration the main provisions of the agreemsent are that the letter must cover about protection from liability. These are as follows: